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The FITB held a 'C' Level coaching course seminar on 08 and 09 October in Nairobi, Kenya. It was the first time FITB held a seminar there and there were 12 delegates from four different countries, including Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Kenya. Taking the opportunity to visit Africa and coach directly, the FITB President Chris Huang and the FITB General Secretary Coach Fang led the course themselves.

The first ever 'C' level FITB Coaching Course took place in Chile on the 8th and 9th November at the Universidade Mayor (Santiago, Chile).  Brazillian coach and PE instructor Archimedes de Moura Junior led the session with the participation of 22 teachers and students.

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The FITB trained coaches in Nigeria this week as Julio Calegari, International Development Director ran the first ever coaching course in the West African country.  The 'C' level coaching course is designed for beginner coaches and is particularly important as countries develop tchoukball.

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