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The FITB today releases rankings for men and women. Part of the ranking calculation known as the 'Time Weighting' is based on how long ago the ranked event or match took place.  With each calendar year, results achieved 2, 3 and 4 years ago become worth less. The 2016 rankings now released no longer include points scored in the 2011 World Tchoukball Championships in Italy.

Jeff Ang, Director of the Technical Commission of the FITB spoke in more detail.

"Since 2011, there have been 2 Continental Championships across Asia and the Americas and 1 in Europe. Therefore there is naturally a lower placing for the European teams that will rectify itself over the next few years. Scores from the 2015 World Championships are now a major part of the ranking points for each national team. It's vital that countries continue to support FITB events wherever they are in the world to maintain their place in the rankings."

Julio Calegari, Director of International Development, commented on some of the emerging tchoukball nations:

"For the men, the clear movers in the rankings are Pakistan.  Following on from their amazing 5th place in the World Tchoukball Championships, they improve another 3 places thanks to their recent performances being more relevant. Macao and Columbia also move up in the women's ranking thanks to their strong performances in Continental Tchoukball Championships.

Rankings can be found here for:


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