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Guinea tchoukball courseOn 30 November 2017, the first ever C level coaching course in Guinea was held in the city of Fria. The event was organized by the Fédération Guinéenne de Tchoukball and the Comite Olympique National et Sportif Guinéenne and was endorsed by the Mayor, Ms Hadja Gnalen Conde. The FITB Director of International Development, Mr Julio Calegari, conducted a FITB C Coaching Course and was very glad with the participation of PE teachers and coaches from Fria and the capital Conakry.

Julio said "The development tchoukball in Guinea is going in a very structured way and with the full support of the government. I m looking forward to see the growth of the sport in the coming years and their first participation in a international FITB event."

Also receiving their first ever coaching course was Paraguay in the city of Capiatá. The event was organized by the Asociacion de Profesores de Educacion Fisica de Capiatá in cooperation with the Confederacion Panamericana de Tchoukball on the 2nd and 3rd of December 2017 and was conducted by the FITB appointed instructor coach Miguel Perez from Argentina.

Silvia Ghiorzo, president of the Confederacion Panamericana de Tchoukball was very optimistic about the development of tchoukball in Paraguay.

"The aim of this course was mainly the promotion of the sport in Paraguay and their possible participation in the PATC18 to be held in Argentina. We hope very much that they will continue to develop tchoukball and would be delighted to welcome them to Argentina next year".

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