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Hosts announcedThe World Tchoukball Championships and World Youth Tchoukball Championships winning bids have been announced today following a decision from the FITB Executive Committee. Malaysia will host the senior event with Singapore hosting the youth event. The FITB Executive Committee was impressed with the level of detail from both winning federations and made the decision at the conclusion of the European Tchoukball Championships in Castellanza, Italy last week.

The exact dates, times and locations will be agreed and released in due course, but both competitions are expected to happen in August 2019.

The Malaysian bid beat an excellent Czech Republic Prague candidacy for the senior event with the European bid offering a great alternative. Brazil also narrowly lost out to Singapore for the youth event. 

During the vote for the youth event, Singaporean Jeff Ang and Brazillian Julio Calegari were restricted from voting or commenting on the bids.

FITB President Fang Shen-Szu spoke of his vision for the future of bidding countries:

"I congratulate the Malaysian and Singapore federations for their efforts. In the future, the FITB will encourage joint bids for both the World Tchoukball Championships and the World Youth Tchoukball Championships to encourage development within our member federations and to make it easier to attend both competitions. 

Richard Jackson, FITB Assistant General Secretary, spoke of the difficult decision the committee had faced.

"All bids were very carefully presented and all 4 countries were clearly capable of hosting the competitions. It was a difficult decision to choose Malaysia and Singapore and we were all conscious that awarding both bids to Asia could appear unfair. But the Executive Committee had a duty to choose the very best bids and speaking personally, the closeness of these hosts to each other offers countries a chance to participate to both at reduced cost and effort.

I wholeheartedly support President Fang's vision to unite the senior and youth events and I hope very much to see this happen in the future."

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