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Republic of China win World Beach Tchoukball ChampionshipsThe Republic of China won the World Beach Tchoukball Championships in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Both sides were dominant throughout the group stages and in both cases, triumphed over Singapore in the final. The world number 2 in both categories, Singapore, played with great heart but eventually, the Republic of China proved too strong for them through a combination of low hard shooting and top quality switching between shooters.

Argentina vs Singapore in the women's semi-finalThe group stages of the World Beach Championships finished this evening with the Republic of China and Singapore winning their groups in the men's and women's categories. Both sides were dominant throughout and going into the semi-finals, Republic of China faced Hong Kong with Singapore facing Argentina in the women's competition.

World Beach Tchoukball Championships Opening CeremonySpectators at the World Beach Tchoukball Championships were treated to fantastic live performances from dancers, musicians and martial artists as the official Opening Ceremony took place in Kaohsiung, Taiwan yesterday evening. The Opening Ceremony was scheduled after some opening matches and World Champions Republic of China men played 3rd ranked Macau in a show match afterwards.

The National Taiwan Sport University opened its doors to the global tchoukball community today as the first academic event at a World Championships took place. Running in conjunction with the World Beach Tchoukball Championships, it offers delegates a chance to share best practice with the promotion and governance of tchoukball across the world.

World Beach Tchoukball Championships Day 1Day 1 of the World Beach Tchoukball Championships in Taiwan finished today with the Republic of China and Singapore starting strongly in the men and women's categories. Newcomers Argentina also had a great result in the women's competition beating South Korea. Poland and the Czech Republic won their opening matches and Cameroon became the first ever country to participate in a World Tchoukball Championships.

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